beacon Over the past year FMHC

  • Completed construction on roughly 1600 sites
  • Installed fiber on approximately 490 sites.
  • Performed real estate services on over 500 fiber sites and 4000 cell sites
  • Completed 2000 site/file audits
  • Managed two turnkey network launches for private microwave provider
  • Performed equipment engineering, alignment, and maintenance for a microwave client

About Us


Who is FMHC?

FMHC is a nationwide leader in turnkey site development for the telecommunications industry.  Based in Chicago, IL, with a dozen offices in nine states across the country, we have been providing consulting and construction solutions to the major wireless carriers, OEMs, and other leaders in the wireless communications industry since 1984.

FMHC is more than a vendor supporting your build.  FMHC provides trained and highly qualified Program Managers, Project Managers, Site Acquisition and Zoning Specialists, Construction Managers, A&E design services, Tower Crews, installation and maintenance services.  We manage every detail from the ground up to ensure your project is done on time and within budget.

What makes FMHC different?

Simply put, it's our people.  We’re deliberate in the selection of our team members so we can ensure superior services for our clients. And because of that, we can boast the best in the industry.  Furthermore, FMHC self performs Project and Program Management, Real Estate and Construction Management work.  When you self perform the work you can better control the quality and speed.